Monday, October 6, 2014

Baby steps to time management and self care....

This weeks Goals inspired by Kerri at Your Wishcake blog.

Fall walk with the pup

Love and Home Life:
-       Have a date night with Justin either out or at home but pend time together that doesn’t revolve around errands and work.
-       Spend 20 minutes a day tidying up our apt….it has been a bit neglected lately with our busy schedules.
-       Walk the dog at least 5 times.
-       Pamper my body ( do my nails, use nice lotion etc)
-       Manage my time better so work, home and school feel a bit less overwhelming.
-       Eat better in general
Creativity & Blogging:
-       Work on a DIY list for Christmas
-       Cook something new which at my rate would be anything…
-       Just blog something to get myself going

In an effort to make my life less discombobulated and take back my days from the chaos i am trying to add in some baby steps regarding time management and self love! Happy monday folks

Stop by local apple orchard stand

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