Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Being intentional about traditions....fall edition

I don't know about you but the word "tradition" has always seemed so cozy and romanticized. Some have traditions in their lives that have been passed down for many generations, some have new traditions and some people don't even realize they are part of their lives. In books and movies you hear about passed down recipes and anecdotal stories of specific orchards they visit or ________. I have a mis of both intentional and coincidental traditions in my family. Mostly specific to the christmas season and food. This year i intend to continue to enjoy those but to also be intentional about building new ones into our tiny apt as well as with our friends and families. Here are a few fall things that i hope to do with Justin and the family so as to not let fall fly by too quickly.

{Go to the pumpkin patch}

{Add some fall to our home}

{Farmers market loot}

{Fall baking}

Enjoy fall and please share in the comments what you love about fall and traditions!

Monday, October 6, 2014

Baby steps to time management and self care....

This weeks Goals inspired by Kerri at Your Wishcake blog.

Fall walk with the pup

Love and Home Life:
-       Have a date night with Justin either out or at home but pend time together that doesn’t revolve around errands and work.
-       Spend 20 minutes a day tidying up our apt….it has been a bit neglected lately with our busy schedules.
-       Walk the dog at least 5 times.
-       Pamper my body ( do my nails, use nice lotion etc)
-       Manage my time better so work, home and school feel a bit less overwhelming.
-       Eat better in general
Creativity & Blogging:
-       Work on a DIY list for Christmas
-       Cook something new which at my rate would be anything…
-       Just blog something to get myself going

In an effort to make my life less discombobulated and take back my days from the chaos i am trying to add in some baby steps regarding time management and self love! Happy monday folks

Stop by local apple orchard stand