Friday, June 21, 2013

camp time

So i will just skip over the "i have not blogged in months..." thing and move onto some Friday Finds!

This week the Mr and I have been talking about a camping trip we hope to take in august. We need to get away and we haven't been to my college town since i graduated 3yrs ago! Sadly it is a coastal maine town in the peak of tourist season but its the only week we can both get off so we are just going to go and enjoy our old faves while ignoring the massive crowds....

Bar Harbor Trip 2013 Essentials: Mind you we already have a lot of the camping equipment so this is more of a fun extra list.

camp time

camp time by littlemissundomestic featuring free people

We have a few favorites in the mix. Cozy hoody, socks and blankets to stay warm at night. Perfect coffee and night caps. Also some essential citronella candles, day trip tote and chicklit to read by the fire or beach. What are some of your favorite camping essentials?