Sunday, February 3, 2013

(Un)Domestic Monday Linkup!

Hey guys! i am so excited to show yo my first ever blog linkup!!!! It will be focused on the (Un)Domestic things in life and can be about a wide variety of topics. I hope you stop by and visit and absolutely linkup any posts revolving around "homey" stuff! 

Little Miss Undomestic
<div align="center"><a href="" title="Little Miss Undomestic"><img src="" alt="Little Miss Undomestic" style="border:none;" /></a></div>

Conversation between justin and i while i was brainstorming the linkup and button:

Me: "i was thinking this would be a cute picture to use for my (Un)Domestic Monday linkup button. You know like recipes, crafts,organization and homey stuff will be for monday posts."
Justin: "your going to make dinner for me every monday?!"
Me: "no hunny that is not how that translates!"
Justin: "You're going to sew my work pants?"
Me: "nope also not how that translates but nice engagement babe!"
Justin: "we'll see...."

um... babe i am not sure you are understanding the concept of Undomestic but i love you anyway!

Wondering about the details?
Q:Hey jess what exactly do you mean by "homey" things?
A: Glad you asked "suzy"! Basically "homey" means anything revolving around the domestic...such as a recipe,craft,organizational idea,home decor, kids/parenting, car maintenance if that means something to you), wine and chocolate! 

Q: Does it count is i post about drinking wine?
A: Why of course it does! That sounds as domestic as i get!

Its simple just linkup here and share the button on your post! 


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