Thursday, January 24, 2013

On some kitchen adventures....

I warn you i am marrying a chef for a reason...i don't have the kitchen bone in my body. I have been slowly learning that it isn't a terrifying pit of unknown but, i still stick to mostly helping the hubby or doing the dishes. On my extra day off this week i thought it would be nice to bake some bread. No pressure or high expectations, just me and a good recipe. I landed on a Stromboli recipe from King Arthur Flour. I didn't have all the perfect ingredients in the house for their "roasted tomato and asparagus  filling so i chose to fill mine with some sharp cheddar, garlic and ham. 

A few things i would change for next time is using more ham and cheddar but, i was very happy with the texture and flavor of the bread. Heres to new (un)domestic adventures!


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