Thursday, November 3, 2011

VIP follower! Say what!!!

Ok guess who started following me on twitter!! Santa Clause!! hells yeah! i love christmas and santa and all that fun festive stuff. Considering who my new VIP follower is i thought i would share some of my wish list this year..a few realistic and a fe dreams :)

{Big Kid Tent}

{Dreamy Camper}

{Lolita Lempicka}


{Panini Press}

{Eucalyptus Spearmint}



Ashley M. said...

OMG!! that is awesome.. im going to follow him.. I want him to follow me! I love that starbucks has the holidays cups back! Too bad there's no starbucks in Boone...

Celia said...

Omg!! I'm so jealous!!!

AndreaLeigh said...

i can't wait for the red cups! what's your favorite drink?