Sunday, November 27, 2011

Simple DIY gift for your love...

This year for justins birthday i was running low on the idea front but also running low on funds so i knew it had to be cheap. I ended up going with the "love Coupon" idea and made a few up on Picknick(i just muck about in photoshop now). This was my first time using picknick so neither one is perfect but justin loves them and they are great valentines too!

There are so many ways to make coupons and so many things you can put on them. His ranged from a bit sexy(bubble bath for two) to love/practical(taking the dog out at night)...You can really personalize them to say anything that you love would appreciate and enjoy! 

{A Few Coupon Ideas}
Back Rub
Breakfast in Bed
Walk the Dog
Make Dinner
Run the Errands(grocery store,bank etc)whatever he doesn't love doing...
You Pick the Movie

Really anything that he is not a fan of doing or he always does and maybe needs a break is good for a coupon. As always any romantic sexy things you enjoy are i'm sure good in his book!

Have fun with it!

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