Thursday, November 10, 2011

Note to self...

After a bit of honest self talking to i came to a few conclusions....

It's time to fall in love with myself the least self absorbed way possible of course! By this i truly mean in mind,body and spirit. 

I need to change! There are a lot of things i need to change and i dont mean who i am in my core, because i rock! Just being honest here...what needs to change are all of those little things that get set aside and add up fast to one big lifestyle. I have let way too many of the important things go because they are maybe small or not a priority over work and day to day tasks.

I am going to do my best to start small with changes because i tend to try and change it all at once and set myself up for a fail.

{First Small Steps to Change}

Drink Water
Read More Books
Exercise: Baby Steps...(walk the dog,walk on my lunch break)
Be Social: Through blogs/twitter,calling old friends,talking to new friends in a less guarded way...
Cook at home twice a week(rather than eating out or eating the "in-laws" not so healthy dinner choices no matter how well intended they are)

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Julia said...

I just realized the same thing! The hubbs and I have vowed to drink tons more water and eat way heathier. So far it's been working!

I'm your newest follower and I love reading you blog! Check mine out when you get a chance and follow back if you like!

xo Julia @