Sunday, March 4, 2012

I don' you?

this post is inspired by a post written by Megan in november. It got me thinking of how important it can be to see our imperfections as well as our perfections and to realize it is ok to have imperfections. Here are a few things "I don't" always do....

I don't always put away the laundry because sometimes the chair is just fine with me.

I don't go to bed early enough most nights...which makes the mornings sleepy.

I don't frame the pictures i take or art i buy and i always forget to hang the frames i do buy.

I don't spend nearly as much time reading actual books as i do blogs and tweets.

I don't cook...ever! If justin doesn't want to cook i get take out or eat cereal and toast.

I don't walk the dog as much as i should... especially if its yukky outside.

I don't drink enough water but it is on my goal list :)

I don't always change the sheets as regularly as recommended..

I don't remember to send birthday cards,xmas cards or any other kind of snail mail on time ever!

Just a few things that i don't always do perfectly and frankly i am ok with it :)

What are some things you don't do?...

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Rachel said...

oh man I dont change the sheets as often as recommended either! Also with the folding of the laundry, I am not so good at remembering to do that!