Tuesday, November 29, 2011

how annoying am i really?...to justin at least..

I borrowed this idea from Kerri. She posted a few weeks back about what she does to annoy her hubby jay, and i couldn't help but write up a few of my own ways. So honestly this is just a few of what i could come up with but it is a bit fun to write them down. How annoying are you really to your love? 

{Cold Feet Surprise}
My favorite is to put my ice cold feet on his warm legs when we are laying in bed. He hates it but i always have freezing feet and it does get a reaction out of him :)

{The I'm Bored and You are Playing Games Still Technique}
when i am tired of him playing a game or watching stupid tv i keep getting in his way or i sit on him and kiss him and he thinks it might lead somewhere but usually that somewhere is to making me a snack or taking me to target...

{The make him pick for me one}
I can never make up my mind on what i want to eat or which one of my cravings i actually want so justin always has to figure it out for me and it takes forever! I will want brownies,pizza,waffles,Starbucks,Thai etc and he has to go through the list trying to figure out which thing will make me shut up and stop whining...its true i have no ability to just make a quick decision.

{The I don't care where we go scenario}
This is where i obviously(in my head) have a place in mind for dinner but i dont like to make the choice or make him miss out on something he wants so i say..."i dont care where we eat hunny" so he suggests a place and i say...no. So of course i have to do that a few times and he just gives up saying ... well then you do care!

I may have to write up a few other ones some times since there are definitely a bunch more!

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Megg said...

I came over from the Mrs. Monologues giveaway! I wanted to tell you that I'm a New England girl too :) I grew up just north of Boston, but now I'm living in Seattle...definitely NOT close to home myself, haha.

Cami said...

This post made me giggle heeheehee :D

<3-Cami from First Day of My Life