Monday, November 14, 2011

Holiday Series: Stocking Stuffers for all!

So honestly anything that fits in a stocking could be a stocking stuffer so i wont try to limit you on type of thing but i will share a few of my all time go to stocking stuffers! Feel free to comment with your faves or linkup with your own list/post!

College kids and Big kids
Roll of Quarters for Laundry(wrap in cute holiday paper)
Le Pen or other fun office supplies
Grocery store gift card

Mom and Dad
Tickets to a movie or local show
Gourmet Tea or Coffee
Smartwool Socks
Homemade Candies 

Little Ones
Letter from santa
Art Supplies
Mini Lego Sets

Love Coupons(free back rub,dinner etc be creative...)
Tickets to a show or movie
Sexy lingerie 

Hope these ideas inspire your stocking stuffing! Leave a comment with your ideas!

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