Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Holiday Blog Challenge: Holiday Movies!

Here are a few of my favorite holiday movies of all time! keep in mind i didn't list them all so as not to frighten you by my christmas junky freak out!!!! 

{Home Alone}


{The Holiday}

{A Charlie Brown Christmas}


Rachel said...

great picks! I love these movies for Christmas, too, especially Elf and Charlie Brown! :-)

By the way- Im your blog swap partner, hi!!!!

Amanda @ New Adventures said...

I love ELF the hubby and I went to it on our first date- 8 years ago :)

I'm your newest follower!

MyInnerCheerleader said...

I can watch Elf over and over again and laugh hysterically each time.

Sarah said...

I love Elf... a classic! Also love the Holiday too though, I watch both every year!

Kiley said...

I can't wait to watch Elf and Home Alone! I need to do that this weekend for sure.