Monday, October 10, 2011

Personal Goals for October.

October Goals

Focus on Justin and I. With life getting busier by the day i sometimes dont give enough attention to the sweet and romantic side of our relationship. It is very easy to become wrapped up in the practically important things such as bills and work and sometimes our relationship doesn't get nurtured as much as it should. I hope in october to focus on our love and all the sweet and romantic reasons that brought us together.

Have better time management. With a new job and now an additional 13 hours each week i need to really buckle down my time management skills. I am used to having a good amount of free time to do all the little things; laundry,banks,walk dog,grocery shop,bake etc and soon i will not have much at all. With the new special ed teaching job there comes a varied schedule and lots of paperwork so i hope this month to settle on a method of getting it all done at work so that less of that will take up my free time and i will still be able to get all the little things done.

Blog. I Need to find a way to fit blogging into my daily life better. I enjoy it so much more than i ever thought and i want to really make my blog shine. I also need to find times to read blogs that i love when i can focus on them and comment.

Just a few goals i want to focus on this october. What are your fall goals?

*Side Note: jt and i have been watching Arrested Development again...LOVE..

Hope monday treats you well

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