Sunday, October 30, 2011

Currently i am...

Currently i am...

Listening: Adele and Lady Antebellum

Reading: Blogs and work stuff about teaching pre-k with language disabilities...i know its a mix right now :)

Eating: Some yummy wood-fired pizza since the oven is hot from a catering!

Drinking: Homemade chai latte made with farmers market chai.

Wearing: Jeans and a sweater and some cozy socks since its chilly.

Wanting: To feel less stressed about bills this season...i am sure it will change for the better i just hope sooner than later.

Feeling: Festive because of the snow.

Thinking: How lucky i am to have justin as my best friend and boyfriend.

Enjoying: Meeting ne bloggy/twitter friends.

Wondering: How much longer i will get the extra hours at work...i am loving the extra money and time to finish projects,just hope i get a bit longer.

Weathering: Chilly snowy day.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

On A Love Affair With Snail Mail

I am a lover of all things snail mail especially old school Air Mail, classic brown paper packages, twine and romantic love letters.
The colder weather has got me thinking of cozy afternoons writing letters and catching up with friends,sending gifts and preparing holiday packages.
Do you ever get snail mail? Does it make you smile and feel special? I have always felt loved when i receive anything in the mail that is not a bill and i am hoping to make it a goal to send a bit of snail mail this season.

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I love Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan in You've Got Mail! An all time favorite comfort movie...also justin and i met online so i happen to love it for that connection too.

I encourage you to connect with a friend or family through some good ol' fashioned snail mail. Have some fun with it,decorate the envelope or box and put some of your creativity into it!

Happy mailing to you,

Monday, October 24, 2011

Fall in Love Tuesday

Linking up with Heath over at Big City Belle for Fall In Love Tuesdays.

I think this has been the first week where i have really been able to wear fall clothes and be in my cozy fall routine. Past few weeks were a bit up and down with the weather and i could still wear flip flops and short sleeves. This week has been a celebration of cozy sweaters,scarves and warm drinks.

Here are a few of my favorite fall cozies. 

{Cozy Scarves}

{Cozy Sweaters}

{Cafe Lattes & Chai Lattes}

{Cozy Reading Nooks}

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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

A few on the go must haves...

These are just a few things i have found to be must haves for my purse,bag and desk. I always have these in my purse/work bag everyday.

This is my new best friend and i love the pattern i picked!

{Granola Thins}
These are always in my purse and come in handy when i need a pick me up at work!

{Le Pen}
These fine tip markers are amazing and come in great colors! I use them in my planner,taking notes and everything else. Bonus they don't bleed through the page :)

{Starbucks Via}
I have these in my desk and purse for caffeine emergencies :)

{Lip Balm}
One of my top lip balms...i have them in all my pockets and bags.

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Monday, October 17, 2011

Fall Swap Reveal!

What an awesome swap! This swap i was paired up with Heather over at Big City Belle! Heather was so sweet and fun to get to know and i had a blast shopping for her and getting my swap from her. She did a great job picking things for me and i ended up loving all of them! The candle is by my bed and i love smelling it at night while i read :) The little hand sanitizers have come in so handy with my teaching job and all the kiddos with snuffles around me!

What a sweat poem in the card! Did you see all the cute stickers too!

Don't forget to visit heathers blog and get to know her you will love her!

Thanks heather for such a great swap!

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Its Ok Thursday...

This week its ok to... a few too many snickers ice cream bars... some new shirts at target when we are broke,shirts are important too...

...have more fun with "theraputty" than the kiddos i work with... two sets of labels and a gift card from the Erin Condren sale.... stop in and see justin coincidently around lunch time while he was making home made mac and cheese... be crazy excited to have Justin's parents gone this weekend! Quiet house to ourselves all weekend...

...feel a bit flustered with all the kiddos at work and extra hours...

Whats ok with you this week?

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Oh How Pinteresting Wednesday & WILW

{Breakfast Perfection}

 {After Dinner}

 {Dream Home Coffee Bar}

not only does this week feel like it needs a bit of an espresso pick me up it seems to be lacking in cozy down time as well..i think i work saturday as well as the "Buddy Walk" for Autism awareness but i hope to find some down time this weekend anyway...

I just got $50.00 gift card for $10 from with their deals and referral credits!! so excited!! My planner is on its way and now i can get cute things to match!

And on the Wish List...


Happy Humpday Y'all!

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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Love...Puppy Love...

Just some Abby puppy love today.

{The day i picked her up}

{Sitting on the shoes for some reason...}

{Being a pain in the butt while we painted the old apt}

{As a wee pup}

My crazy lovey labby Abby 

Monday, October 10, 2011

On my first ever blogger award!!

Soo excited to have been given the "Versatile Blogger Award" by Vicki! I have found myself enjoying blogging and all the awesome bloggers way more than i ever expected! It has been a ton of fun getting to know such awesome girls all over the place and share our thoughts with each other. I have been shown so much support and encouragement from other bloggers so thank you all for welcoming me and making blogging a happy place for me!

{1} Thank the giver of the award and link back to them.
{2}Share 7 things about yourself.
{3}Pass the award along to some lovely newly discovered blogs.

About Me
I am an early childhood special educator,and its tough but it rocks!
I love cheesy romance novels and chick lit.
My boyfriend of five year and i live with his parents and our 3 year old lab Abby...It has its ups and downs but its what we can afford right now and they really are a good family.
I love coffee,chocolate,ice cream and chai with a passion!
I love Adele and i mostly listen to country but i like all sorts of music.
I have an unhealthy love for Starbucks and Target...thank god they are in the same building :)
Justin and i dated long distance for four and a half years before we were living together.

A Few Lovely Blog Ladies

1-Heather @
2-Neely @
3-Amber @
4- Kori @
5-Tara @
6-Ashleigh @
7-Celia @
8-Ali @
9-Ashley @
10- Michelle @
11- Kerri @
12- Janna @
13-Megan @
14-Brittany @
15- Morgan @

Personal Goals for October.

October Goals

Focus on Justin and I. With life getting busier by the day i sometimes dont give enough attention to the sweet and romantic side of our relationship. It is very easy to become wrapped up in the practically important things such as bills and work and sometimes our relationship doesn't get nurtured as much as it should. I hope in october to focus on our love and all the sweet and romantic reasons that brought us together.

Have better time management. With a new job and now an additional 13 hours each week i need to really buckle down my time management skills. I am used to having a good amount of free time to do all the little things; laundry,banks,walk dog,grocery shop,bake etc and soon i will not have much at all. With the new special ed teaching job there comes a varied schedule and lots of paperwork so i hope this month to settle on a method of getting it all done at work so that less of that will take up my free time and i will still be able to get all the little things done.

Blog. I Need to find a way to fit blogging into my daily life better. I enjoy it so much more than i ever thought and i want to really make my blog shine. I also need to find times to read blogs that i love when i can focus on them and comment.

Just a few goals i want to focus on this october. What are your fall goals?

*Side Note: jt and i have been watching Arrested Development again...LOVE..

Hope monday treats you well

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Its Ok Thursday...

This week its ok to... a wee bit pissed that the express line at the grocery store is always run by the oldest and slowest employee around for miles!... have silly tickle foot fights with my boyfriend and laugh so hard you wake up your boyfriends nana who is temporarily staying in the next room over due to the flood...

...always have time to "pin" but never have time to do laundry...

...feel frustrated by my students some days...

... wish i could go to work in my sweats because dressing for work is just too much work sometimes...

... feel a bit overwhelmed by my job but love it to death anyway...

... blame feeling kinda coldish on all the booger filled kiddos...

...already be thinking about christmas because i LOVE it...

Whats ok with you this week?

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Winner Winner Starbucks (Dinner) Latte!

A huge thanks to all my bloggy friends and all my new ones for participating in my first giveaway!!!  I had so much fun hosting it!

So i used to find a winner and after being computer challenged for awhile figured out how to get a pic of it!AKA use my damn cell phone!

(excuse the ghetto iphone pic i have yet to master screenshots)

The winner is number 31!!!. Meggy!!! Please email me you address so i can send you the goods! 

Meggy said...
I follow your blog and my favorite thing about Fall is wearing LAYERS, drinking warm drinks, and snuggling under blankets! :)

Meggy from Chasing Davies

While hosting this giveaway i was excited to do another one when i got to 50 followers so thanks to you all i am only 21 away from that! I hope 50 comes soon because this was soo much fun!!

Thanks Y'all

Oh How Pinteresting Wednesday!:Cozy

I had so many random pins this past week so i wasn't sure what i wanted to pin but i landed on "beds" i think mostly because i am just damn tired this week!

Happy Humpday!

{Cozy Layers}

{Love the Teal}

{Anthro Love}

{Cozy Nook)

{Big Kid Bed}

{I know its not chic or very sophisticated but i love winter and christmas and flanel so if i could i would cozy up in penguins!}

Now off to find out who won my first giveaway!

Enjoy the cozy times!


Monday, October 3, 2011

On enjoying the little things...

After a busy week and some fun blog challenges i wanted to share a few snapshots with you guys. Hope everyone had a great start to their week!

{i made myself a yummy latte working at the cafe saturday}

 {Pumpkin Spice at work}

{Morning Glory outside my office}

{Lunch at the workshop friday...was soo yummy}

 {Justin packed me lunch from work the other day}

 {pizza at the farmers market that justin is a caterer}

 Just a few glimpses into the last few days! 
Don't forget to enter the Starbucks giveaway!