Sunday, September 4, 2011

friday randoms....on Sunday...

After a week of training for the new job i finally met most of my kiddos on friday! They were adorable! The new teaching job is working for EEE with HeadStart and so i travel amongst a few classes but am assigned to work with specific students with special needs. It is a huge challenge and i am defiantly learning as i go but am loving the fact that i can get in the classroom and advocate for the little ones and help their teachers try new methods of working with their special needs. I am lucky to work with some great teachers who are willing to try new techniques and methods even when they have 16 other little ones to teach. I am very excited about the job and hope i can learn and grow in my skills to keep advocating and aiding the little ones.

I am working really hard to not worry about things i can't controle and change the things i can but man that is a lot harder than i thought! 

I have a new addiction to Ginger Lemonade...My boyfriend and his boss run a catering company and we make a killer ginger lemonade for the farmers market and weddings is like crack!!!

Due to all the flooding in VT and damage we have my boyfriends nana staying here and ohh boy is it a test of patience after a week..mind you we already live with his parents since we are broke! So ya long ass week y'all....

I have been focusing on some personal goals and challenges lately and one "me time" thing has been keeping up with all of my blog reading and trying to write more so thanks to all you lovely ladies for writing reading and cheering me up on the shitty days :)

Happy Holiday Weekend!!

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