Friday, September 23, 2011

Fabulous Fall Challenge Day Five!

Todays fall challenge prompt is what are you looking forward to for fall? I think this could be a never-ending list but here are a few of my faves!


A good bonfire cant be beat on a crisp fall night.

 {Scarves and Boots}

Fall fashion cant get much better than boots and scarves. 


I am not and experienced baker but i love pie and i love that justin went to culinary school!


We take our lab abby out in the woods a lot and the leaves are so fun to search for in the fall.


Justin and i love going to the fair whenever we have time off from work..all the yummy food and booth are so much fun!

{Farmers market}

Every weekend my boyfriends catering company brings their wood-fired brick oven pizza to the farmers market and walking around and enjoying fresh goodies and community is such a cozy lovely thing to do.


Ashleigh said...

yay for boots and bonfires!!

Heather said...

Jess, I am going to walk down that leafy trail and, think about what goodies I am going to send you! Since we are...PARTNERS for the fall blog swap! Email me via the link on Big City Belle! XO