Friday, March 11, 2011

On imagining the best and worst...and a bit of horror movie anxiety...

Ok so to preface...i start a new part time job tomorrow(fri)!!! yay!..but more on that later, the focus of this post is to explain how messed up my noggin is. I am currently living with my boyfriend in VT but i will be staying with my parents for the two days i work in NH. So i just got home from the hour and fifteen minute drive and boy was it an emotional roller-coaster! I as my luck has it had to drive to my parents in a downpour as wet and foggy as the part of Harry Potter where they are on the train in the dark..anyone know what part i mean? anyway my lack of memorie aside it was SUPER DARK. I do not love to drive at night let alone in the dark and through fog so thick i couldn't see the edges of the road but alas i kept driving.
 Dark Fog

I have a tendency to imagine the worst and in a millisecond my mind is seeing a flat tire and a man with an axe yikes! i know anxiety anyone? But i also imagined how beautiful and fairy tale like the mystic for was so to sum up my feelings for the last hour and a half(drove slowly) i imagine dancing through fog with cute bunnies and birds and all of a sudden we all got axed by some horror movie villan/ he who should not be named!

so yes maybe i let my imagination run a bit too far sometimes in the scary direction..but you have to admit the drive did sound worthy of a few shivers between the "nature is beauty" thoughts.

So on that note.. i am off to spend some time with the fam dam


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