Friday, February 4, 2011

On Joy...and the little things.

When i first posted about the "joy pledge" last month i was feeling very inspired and motivated to change the way i was looking at my life each day and to focus my days on the good things...after a few more weeks of being jobless and not being a student anymore i realized i was getting myself into a rut of the grumpy, shit hit the fan feeling. I needed to snap out of it and bring myself up, enjoy how awesome life is and how blessed i am so...i am going to try this attitude change again but this time i will try it at full speed not slug speed!

Some things that made this week GREAT!!!

* justin having a snow day from work was awesome...we took care of some boring things but we also go to just relax and enjoy each others company.
* fresh baked banana bread is sooooo good!
* I joined the 20sb network in hopes of connecting with some great people and finding some motivation and support to make life more fun.
* spent some cozy nights in my pjs with justin, abby(the pup), and netflix.
* installed photoshop in hopes of learning new things about my camera and photography!

How has everyone been doing this winter and new year? What are some things you do to enjoy the busy weeks?

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