Tuesday, February 8, 2011

All you Need is Love Challenge - Day 2

Day Two -When I'm Feeling Down, To Cheer Myself Up I LOVE To...

{Turn up some tunes and sing to my hearts content}

{Go for a drive, preferably with the windows down}

{Dive into an old Nancy Drew classic}

{Spend some quality time with justin..he can always cheer me up..usually with bacon or take out and just being himself}

{Get some girl time in, ideally at the spa or with a bottle of wine}

{Believe it or not i like to clean/organize something..it feels good to see the progress}


Courtney said...

oh Nancy Drew!

it's been far to long since I've ready any ND!

Thank you so much for linking up with our challenge! hope to see you tomorrow too!!!!

cailen ascher said...

yes...wine and singing will always do the trick!