Monday, February 28, 2011

#2 { Fondue...for two }

    This past weekend justin and i went to visit my parents, the drive is only an hour and its is always nice to see them and have a mini escape! Saturday was a bit busy at the house with my dad having to work all day at the barn since it is his day to milk the cows in the morning and at night and mom had a bunch of things at home to do. We just relaxed for awhile chatting with mom and then when it came to dinner time she gifted us dinner out since she was trying to get her to do list done and hadn't really grocery shopped yet! We ended up going to a very yummy italian place in the next town over and of course on a saturday night there was a bit of a wait but it was worth it! We both indulged in appetizers of yummy greek chicken and a killer caesar salad. Dinner was great and we didn't think we could fit dessert but, we noticed on the menu that they had "Fondue for two" and we had to try it. Plus it just so happend to be on my 25 by 25 list!! Yay for crossing fun stuff off my to do list.

    To sum it up it was very yummy and romantic just what we needed!...Oh and i may have also sipped on a great glass of sangria over dinner a bit pricey in my book but so tasty and crisp very worth it! Ok so now you read about me eating for half a page....the point is Thanks Mom!!! we really needed a nice night out and it was great to just relax and spend some quality time with justin on a saturday!..(he runs a catering business so most weekends involve work).
    Sunday we slept in and since dad was feeling a bit yukky from such a busy week we helped bring in firewood and shovel some snow...and play in the snow with abby!

    All in all it was a nice relaxing weekend and i hope you all got some down time squeezed in too!


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