Sunday, August 1, 2010

25 by 25!

So on july 21st i turned 24 and thought it would be a good challenge to take some inspiration from some lovely blog ladies and make a list of things i hope to do before my next birthday! Some big and some small tasks but all doable i hope! Lets see how i do this year shall we?........

~25 things i hope to do by the age of 25~
1 Go camping. (August 2010 with jt)
2 Have fondue.
3 Sew 5 new things.
4 Take a picture in a photo booth.
5 Visit my college town.
6 Throw out all clothes i do not wear or fit in!!
7 Go to a zoo.
8 Read 5 non-academic books.(check!)
9 Learn to make sangria.
10 Visit a new place with justin on a trip.
11 Learn to cook a signature dish!---
more than pasta and grilled cheese...not that those are bad...

12 Buy a date night outfit.  13 Keep in touch with friends from college.
14 Learn how to use my camera to get the pictures i want.
15 Cook justin dinner atleast 5 times. (0/5)
16 Organize my photos.
17 Find a job.
18 Do a tutorial on my blog.
19 Try a new hair cut.
20 Renew my CPR/AED.
21 Build a snowman.
22 send postcards to friends.
23 Master cupcakes.
24 Get some of my photos off the computer and onto my walls.
25 Show justin how much i love him.