Thursday, July 15, 2010

The things i want to do this summer!

So far this summer i have not made the time for some summer must dos! as you might carve a pumpkin in the fall, deck the halls or build a snowman in the winter or dye eggs in the spring time i have come up with a list of things i think one should accomplish over the summer months....of course this is a bit  bias so basically my personal preferences...:)

1 Eat lots of watermelon and ice cream!
2 Paint my nails.
3 Drink iced coffee!
4 Swim.
5 Blast the summery songs!
6 Fireworks.
7 Sun dresses and flip flops
8 Laying on the beach with a book.
9 picnics/cookouts.

I am sure everyone has a list of things they love about summer...this is just the start to mine!

Happy Summer!!!

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Places i have stood....or fallen...

Came across janet's list of places she stood and had a fun time thinking of memories big and small so...i thought i would share a few of my places with you all...

 Spanish Steps.
 Atlantic Ocean.
 Pacific Ocean.
 Top of Cadilac Mountain.
 The Getty-LA.
 Stuttgart-and many more towns(backpacking)Germany.
 In a cow pasture.

I hope to always be adding to this list....