Friday, June 18, 2010

What I have been up to when i was not here.......

So i admit i got crazy busy, lacked drive to write and was just lazy........

So a few things have happened and so far june has been very busy!

(...not exactly in chronological order but all in the past few months!...)
1) I graduated college! yikes!
2) I had a lot of homework my last term at school!...i mean a lot.
3) My wonderful family and friends have all been up and about visiting to help be celebrate! amazing and busy as hell.....
4) went on a mini weekend trip with my love to a food expo and had some fun and silly stops along the way.
5) My best friend and her little dog moved in with me for the last term of college and we graduated together and had a blast...(-the homework and such).

VT trip with JT

JT my love!

I am a big kid now!


Me and my love JT

so i got a bit carried away with pictures but i have like 400 from grad/road trip/spring gaaa

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