Saturday, May 22, 2010

Do you ever....?

Do you ever have sooooo many things going on in your head and life that you can't figure out how to let just one or two out? That has been me lately which, would explain the lack of blog posts. Lots have things have crossed my path but not so much has been let go so i will try to let a bit out in order to get rolling again and make room for new things to enter my mind and life. As of right now i have 3 more weeks of undergrad and as i am sure many others have experienced, i am now not quite ready to move on. It seems strange to live here for these past years and then just pick up and move without a plan of return. three weeks left, a ton of school work to do, senior gatherings and such, an apartment full of my last 5 years and a lot to miss..... bittersweet time but a step forward in the right direction. Time to get ready for the next chapter!

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