Sunday, April 4, 2010

Weekly Gems of Life.

So to Wrap up the past week i will share some of the wonders of my crazy week!

1)My bestest friend ashley moving in with me for our last term as undergrads!!!!

2)Having my Love visiting!

3)A wonderful easter dinner(made by my love) and a yummy gluten free Birthday cake for ash!..also made by justin who has way more talent in the kitchen than i ever will!

4)Sunny afternoon Hike with justin and abby labby(my lab) on saturday. We went down to a great little rock beach where abby swam a lot and the views were amazing!

5)Watching Zombiland with justin,ash, ryan, and the pups! really funny movie!

6)Dyeing Easter Eggs today! We had so much fun dyeing eggs..which i realized i haven't really done in a long time except assisting my preschoolers but today was just us big kids having fun!

So i could go on to list every wonderful thing from the past week but i just wanted to share some of the things that made me happy! Hope Sunshine finds you all! 

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