Friday, April 9, 2010

Baby Plum Lilou Love.....

So good friends of mine had their fourth baby two nights ago! It's a girl! They are my all time favorite family and they named her Plum Lilou. How cute is that? So now i am obsessing over cute little girl stuff which leads me to lots of cute little baby, nursery and cute everything! I wanted to make you overflow with cuteness so here goes the sharing.

Via The Land Of Nod.

This sling is handmade by Autumn, in Bar Harbor Maine. Autumn started sewing for her wonderful family(my maine family) her creations turned into her passion and are much loved by many! You can find all of her slings,bags,skirts etc here! 

So i am full of a never-ending list of cuteness for the little ones but if i put them all here it would be a gazillion pages! Happy baby love!

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my name is lauren. said...

sad :(. none of these pictures would load! i'll bet it was a bunch of cute stuff.