Friday, March 26, 2010

On Wool and lots of it!

So to explain the wool i will just say i have been wanting to do some felting lately. I would consider myself a beginner in the world of felting but, i have done some basic wet felting with my preschoolers and some basic needle felting for some classroom projects. So while visiting my family and boyfriend over spring break i wanted to go and get some wool at the spinnery,so justin and i went on an adventure first to Green Mountain Spinnery, When we walked in it smelled of that amazing sheep wooly smell! so they didn't have any colors but they did have a huge! i mean bigger than big bag of what they call "dirt wool" (actually not that dirty) which is basically the wool that falls of the edges of the carding machines. So i couldn't resist and bought a bag!

So then we went on a second adventure to find colored wool so that we could make felted easter eggs! Our second trip landed us as Harrisville Designs, a wonderful wool,yarn,weaving etc, place in an old little town full of large brick old textile  buildings right on a river where the water went rushing under them. It was quite amazing to listen to the water below as we strolled about the little store. this is where we found colored wool galore the store was filled from top to bottom with the most beautiful colors of wool and yarn.


Ok so you would think we could have stopped there but we didn't! we went on to a cute little shop in wilton NH called the 'Color Shop' and got some beautiful colored 100%wool felt! 


So to top it all off, all of these amazing wool products and to accompany my new bookstore find!



I cant wait to start felting! once i actually take it all out and make some wooly little thing i will be sure to share!

happy spring crafting everyone!

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