Thursday, March 4, 2010

On Nancy Drew, Esspreso and a Noble Lab

Do you ever pause unconsciously in your day and take a mental snapshot of you and that moment?
     The other day i did just that and realized at the age of 23 i had just waltzed into my local bookshop
purchased a Nancy Drew novel a double shot latte and wandered home to live the dream.
This was a unique moment but to me a moment of bliss.
     I found myself curled up with the pup floundering in the sun that poured in through the large bedroom
windows, honestly relaxed and happy. After days of working hard into the night on an essay i felt it to even be a
bit cleansing to read Nancy Drew and just breath....[side note] Is anyone else as jealous of the fact that Nancy
never really grows up? Yes, my life is blessed in many ways but, I would kill to just jump in my convertible call
my friends and go for a trip to the beach or some other magical place. This dream in no way means i don't love
my life but who out there honestly thinks that dream would suck? no one? that's what i figured.
    So in my little world right now I may not have the ability to grab my friends and go gallivanting about but, I do
ave the ability to sit in my sun-soaked room with a good cup of jo, my noble lady lab and pages full
of my dream adventures!

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