Saturday, October 24, 2015

Fall is for Cider with a dash of GIN ....

All things Fall in this delicious cocktail! Not only is this drink the epitome of the fall season but everything in it is local and small batch! I started this drink out by pulling together the things i already had that sounded like they would mix well. I grabbed two of my favorite vermont liquors and some fresh pressed cider from the orchard up the hill. I wasn't sure if i was feeling like GIN or RUM so i tried both and ultimately went with some delicious BARR HILL gin. All i have to say is this is seriously easy to mix up and packed with flavour! 


4oz. Fresh Pressed Cider
1.5oz. BARR HILL gin
Dash of lemon juice
Apple slice to garnish 


Saturday, September 26, 2015

Home sweet tiny apt....

Let me start by saying i love where we live!! It's cozy and quiet, has great character and our landlords rock...That being said a tiny apt with minimal storage can induce a few headaches.... Here is where i hope to begin the hopefully fun and exciting adventures of making this tiny apartment our home.

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

On some home love and life when things get busy...

Lately it feels like everyone is running around like crazy trying to get everything done in no time. I know that this year has felt extra busy for us and i admit to having no balance in life when it comes to grad school,work,home and all the things in between. With a recent spike in anxiety I have been trying very hard to focus on taking care of myself and prioritizing this busy year.

Here are some things that are on my mind for maintaining our home and making it the sanctuary we need after our busy days.

* Keeping his and my favorite snacks in the house.

* Keeping a few quick and easy dinner choices around for those long days. A few go to salad toppings and a panini press can go a long way on a lazy night in :)



* Cozy blankets and pillows on the couch always make us feel relaxed after a busy day...Nothing is better than choosing a bit of Netflix with the Mr before we start all over the next day!

* Something that makes me feel better even when the house is a dump is to have our bathroom nice and sparkling clean. If i am tired or just have 5mins i wipe down the bathroom and always feel better!

(via, via)

* One big comfort and easy task to complete is making the bed! If you have nice sheets and a made bed you can't go wrong! 

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Well as schedules change and my skills in homemaking slowly progress i am sure this list will grow and change and as always it would be great to hear your tips and tricks for self-care, sanity , home-keeping etc when life gets busy so please share and enjoy! 

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Officially my Mr. and officially his Mrs.

On 3.28.15 Justin and I finally said "I do"!!! It was tiny and sweet and the perfect wedding to capture our love.

I can't wait to share all the fun and love with you all soon! 
Photos by: AMIT

Thursday, January 1, 2015

Thoughts on a new year and new me......


- 2015-

- Blog more regularly and with intention.
- Take time to craft and be creative.
- Time management.
- Spend quality time with Justin.
- Purge clutter.
- Keep up with paperwork
- Make in time with students reinforcing and intentional
Health & Soul
- Walk more.
- Continue to work on minimizing my anxieties.

Post inspired by the lovely Kerri.

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Being intentional about traditions....fall edition

I don't know about you but the word "tradition" has always seemed so cozy and romanticized. Some have traditions in their lives that have been passed down for many generations, some have new traditions and some people don't even realize they are part of their lives. In books and movies you hear about passed down recipes and anecdotal stories of specific orchards they visit or ________. I have a mis of both intentional and coincidental traditions in my family. Mostly specific to the christmas season and food. This year i intend to continue to enjoy those but to also be intentional about building new ones into our tiny apt as well as with our friends and families. Here are a few fall things that i hope to do with Justin and the family so as to not let fall fly by too quickly.

{Go to the pumpkin patch}

{Add some fall to our home}

{Farmers market loot}

{Fall baking}

Enjoy fall and please share in the comments what you love about fall and traditions!